[EVENT RECAP] The Wishwall in Marlton

The Wishwall Event in Marlton, NJ on Saturday, December 10th was a HUGE SUCCESS! Shouts to Girl Talk Marlton and The Wishwall Foundation for helping make wishes come true!

Wishwalls are the signature creation of the Wishwall Foundation, a charity that began about a year and a half ago leading up to the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia.

At that time, the Wishwall Foundation constructed a freestanding wall in the city, similar to the installation at the Evesham Library, where visitors posted inspirational wishes along with more personal requests for help relating to specific issues in their lives. (source: The Marlton Sun)

To learn more about the Wishwall and how you can make a wish, visit http://www.girltalkmarlton.org/

Check out video from this amazing event below...

Marlton Girl Talk Wishing Wall from "PaulyPaul" on Vimeo.

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