DJ Bishop, has volunteered his valuable time for the past four years to my organization Sean Fischel Connect.  He swoops in, sets himself up, and then takes command of the event, which is a family centered run, for close to 1000 participants!  He captivates the audience of all ages, from the little kids who always end up dancing in front of him to our older crowd that likes to reminisce and sway to their tunes.  He is punctual, kind, professional and can read and motivate a crowd expertly! We love DJ Bishop!

Kimberly Fischel, Sean Fischel Connect

Bishop was absolutely perfect. Picking music for my wedding was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but Bishop was great with suggestions and just knowing what to play. He was also really flexible with playing requests and checking in with me when my friends really wanted him to play the Wobble. (I originally said no line dances.) I don't think I have seen a DJ read the crowd so well! He had the dance floor packed the entire night, and my family couldn't stop talking about how fun he made everything. If you want a DJ who really cares about making your event everything you want it to be, I would recommend DJ Bishop a thousand times!

Julia G., Wedding

“DJ Bishop is one of the Best DJs in the Game. He has a real love for music and he knows how to put it together in the mix. He has supported me in all my endeavors large and small. He will stand the test of time! He is a real DJ to watch.” – Charles "Sir Charles Mixin" Dixon (WBLS, New York, NY)


Sir Charles Dixon, Mixer, WBLS-FM (NYC)

I first saw DJ Bishop at a bridal expo at the Aloft Mount Laurel (where I got married) and I instantly knew I wanted him to be our DJ. He was playing music and had the music videos on the screen as well (aka "video mixing"). I LOVED the idea of having a visual element to dancing. I booked him 3 years in advance (I had a long engagement) and he was amazing every step of the way. He met up with me multiple times and assured me that he would keep the dance floor packed, which he SO did!!! He also had great suggestions for what to play at certain times which I loved. He gave great guidance! The most important thing though is that he clearly loves what he does. You can tell he enjoys seeing people dancing to his mixes! I had 200 people at my wedding and the dance floor was packed the entire time. He even joined in! He was so nice, professional, and just down right awesome! I am sad that my wedding is over and that I am not working with him anymore, but all the more reason to recommend him to everyone I know! Thanks again for making the night all about dancing!

Taylor D., Wedding